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WHO AM I ... 

I'm an owner and partner of Meisel's Design which is located in Austin, Texas.  I have been licensed by The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners in Interior Architecture and Design for about three and a half decades. That's a long time!! Currently, I'm still working in design, but the scope of what I do has dramatically changed over the past few years.  Several years ago, I began freelance writing online and blogging.  I was writing about home decorative issues, giving advise to consumers that had questions and were looking for answers.  I sought out products through Amazon's Website, which consumers could purchase without an Interior Designer or an Architect.

Duing that process, I developed an ecommerce store which was designed to promote products which I really believed had great value. While becoming an Amazon Affiliate and blogging about all sort of home decorative issues, I guess you'd say I got a bit side tracked. I enjoyed creating the banners and widgets and selecting products from Amazon's website, but as the days and weeks went by, I found myself discovering some really cool ways to use the internet to make some money right from my bed. Yes, I loved being in my workout clothes all day and not having to dress to see clients. Totally fabulous not to do the whole dress-up deal  ;)

You can find out more about me by searching on Facebook, or LinkedIn and Google+  My main objective is just to introduce myself and let you know I am not a "guru" or a "geek" (LOL).  I'm just a regular person who's found some tools for internet marketing and I'm trying to share them with my readers.

This site has been a work in progress from the time I decided to launch it.  I went from home decorative  ~  through a back door ~  and came out in Social Media marketing.  I've been lucky enough to meet some of the industry leaders through participation in several VIP Mastermind Groups.  We been creating a bunch of really cool tools which are designed to take your Social Media efforts to the next level and to help small business owners prosper.  I hope that you'll find a lot of value from the products which I've been working on during these past few years. The site includes a lot of free information and some very inexpensive tools which you can find in the "Products" area ~ on the navigation bar.  I do hope you find my website filled with lots of useful information. I look forward to meeting some you as we begin our journey together.








                                "I've set out to include methods for those that are technically challenged :) 
                                 When I first started developing our design firm's online presence, it took entirely
                                 too long, and made me totally frustrated. My aim is to help eliminate that process
                                 for you."
                                "For those of you that need help in growing your online business this site
                                 should help you keep the process extremely simple. I've included a lot
                                 of easy to use tools which are extremely easy to download.  This site
                                 is designed to help business entrepreneur's do business." 
                     "MY GOAL IS TO KEEP THE PROCESS SIMPLE ;)        I  PROMISE !!"
                                 Ask yourself a few questions about your Internet Marketing game plan.
                                 Do you have a strategy to grow your client base? Are you sort of all over the board?
                                 Are your going from one plan to another and not really getting anywhere?
                                 I was for way too long.
                                 When I was trying to develop our firm's presence online, I really didn't understand
                                 how much time it would take. Nor did I realize how much I would have to learn,
                                 in order to get anywhere. It really was a real nightmare.
                                 So I decided to put together a site which would give you access to the tools
                                 which I have discovered. I believe there is a bunch of free information here. And,
                                 a few tools which are available for a nominal fee.
                                 Trust me!! Let's get started right now.  Ready?  Let's go.




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